About Us

Yazoo Investments SRL, was founded in 2006, located in San Pedro de Macorís, Dominican Republic. Specializes in the production and aging of rum. We have three aging warehouses, with a total of 44.000 barrels, exporting in bulk to 19 countries, allowing closer commercial relations in different continents.

We also offer the co-packing service of alcoholic beverages for our customers. We are capable of assisting our clients in the development and formulation of products for their brands.

Our clients have received more than 60 international awards that have been granted to different products that we have made.


Offer innovative alternatives in rums and other bulk or bottled liquors, which meet the quality required by international standards, also exceeding the expectations of customers and consumers. Focused on contributing to the welfare and training of our human capital, being always committed to the economic and social development of the country.


Consolidate the organization as a producer of alcoholic beverages of the highest quality by implementing and maintaining Quality Management Systems, continue to strengthen our leadership nationally and internationally, through a portfolio of effective and innovative products and services.


  • Honesty
  • Responsibility
  • Respect
  • Personal Growth


The experience in the sector of alcoholic beverages had its origins in Venezuela, Grupo CABC (Corporation Alcohols and Beverages of the Caribbean), with the beginning of the operations of rum aging in Carupano in the year 1993. Where in 1997, we reach our goal of exporting 97% of the aged rums production.

Then in 2001, the acquisition of the Distillery of Industrias Pampero was carried out. From there, the Group began the distillation of different types of alcohols. Continued with the bottling of different brands, progressively with the acquisition of the company Lander & Vera, where it was possible to produce more than one million cases of different products annually.

Aging continued to be part of CABC projects, achieving a capacity of 20 thousand American oak barrels, giving origin to outstanding and high-quality rums.

One of the main objectives has been always to guarantee the raw material and the production of excellent quality products for each of our clients; and through our participation in all processes, we have guaranteed it.