Social Work

For Yazoo Investments, the contributions that can be made directly or indirectly to the communities with the greatest need in the Dominican Republic are important, especially those that are close to our facilities.

Together with two other large companies, Alcoholes Finos Dominicanos and Ron Barceló, the initiative to establish the AFD-Barceló Foundation was born. The main mission is to support the communities in the sector through the implementation of programs that seek to impart knowledge and tools that help them improve their quality of life, focusing primarily on the education of children.

To date, projects focused on the education of values ​​and the care and sanitation of the environment have been carried out; and two health programs where there is assistance to the elderly and specialized medical consultations for the entire community.

Today, the AFD-Barceló Foundation has benefited more than 300 families of 5 bateyes with health programs, and 500 students of 13 bateyes with education programs. In the coming years, we hope to increase the scope of our projects to achieve a greater number of families benefited and focused on improving their quality of life.